• Retail Solutions was founded in 2002 to provide professional advisory and consulting services for retail companies as well as banks, funds, private equity parties that invest into retail. Our services are targeted toward chain store retailers and are broken down into 4 general categories; Big Picture Retail, Retail Operations, Financial and Partnering. Within each of these categories, we offer individual services that enable us to provide value across the retail spectrum. 
  • Retail Solutions is comprised of highly skilled retail experts that offer:
    • A strong background in retail operations, finance and supply chain having worked in high-level positions for blue-chip retail companies. 
    • Hands on experience in various segments of chain store retail. This enables us to implement recommendations in all areas we consult and advise.
    • Extensive retail, financial, and operational experience throughout Central & Eastern Europe including Russia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Armenia, Montenegro, Ukraine as well as the UK, USA, Mexico and India. 
    • Proprietary products and methodologies in order to assist us to find optimal solutions. 
    • An extensive database of benchmarks, data, resources and contacts to compare performance and share with our clients. 
  • When helpful, we liaise and cooperate with a number of internationally experienced top tier retail professionals and consulting firms, including the big 4, to deliver quality services world-wide. This structure enables us to PRODUCE CLEAR, MEASURABLE and FOCUSED RESULTS without unnecessary high costs... for you, our client. 
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