Proceeds benefit the Jack Cooney Scholarship and the Don Klein

So many partners, both public and private, as well as thousands of individuals, have helped to make this campus a reality. SteelStacks now awaits the engagement of the community as audience, as participants, as artists or in any way you seek to explore your creativity 365 days a year. This month the Lehigh Valley becomes an even better place to call home.

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replica handbags Call Don Klein at 610 395 7933 or Wayne Nottle at 610 264 4259 for info. Proceeds benefit the Jack Cooney Scholarship and the Don Klein Cultural Enrichment Fund supporting Penn State Lehigh Valley. Sponsorships are available.. It was great the first year but now it seems like all we do is fight.It’s gotten to the point where we break things.I want to get past this but don’t know how. We talk and then it’s good for a few weeks and then back to the same.Is it crazy to stay with him and try to get past this or should I leave him? Confused and in LoveDEAR CONFUSED: If your fighting is escalating and your peaceful times diminishing, you should separate in order to get a bead on what you really want, and see if you and he are both motivated and capable of committing to the hard work of changing (one person changing cannot fix this). A professional counsellor can help.Sometimes the only way to truly “get past” a relationship that has grown toxic is to look at it through the rear view mirror as you ease on down the road.. replica handbags

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