Or using the same type of technique that Eddie Kramer used on

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canada goose outlet sale Her lawyer entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. She has been suspended without pay from her $57,000 a year job overseeing inmates who sew clothes and learn to repair sewing machines at the prison.Could be liableBrian Barrett, a criminal defence lawyer not involved in the case, said Mitchell could face liability if Matt and Sweat commit new crimes and she’s found responsible for helping them escape.”Certainly she would be civilly liable,” Barrett said.Wylie said Sunday that the killers apparently cut their way out using tools stored by prison contractors, taking care to return them to their toolboxes after each night’s work.Workers on Sunday welded shut a manhole at the base of a wall on the side of the prison where the two men escaped. They also sealed two other manholes on the street near the prison canada goose outlet sale.

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