, in order to enhance scientific and intelligent traffic

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canada goose clearance Video Security Systems The Best Investment for Providing Safety, Security, and Protection for yourLiang, deputy general manager, the Hohhot City Investment Management Co., Ltd., in order to enhance scientific and intelligent traffic management in our city, improve urban road traffic information collection and social security video monitoring facilities, to enhance traffic order to rectify the intensity, the municipal government decided to start the construction of intelligent traffic management and video surveillance systems engineering. Design of the project by the Institute of Transportation Engineering, canada goose outlet https://www.elcortezlv.com/ cheap canada goose Tsinghua University, the project is completed, it will cover the city and Jinchuan within the Second Ring Road, Jinqiao, Ruyi Development Zone, as well as tricyclic major importers and exporters to achieve the nine systems, 12 functions, including traffic flow collection, transportation guidance system, the signal control systems, traffic video surveillance system, traffic violations capture system, bayonet, mobile police, of PGIS, integrated platform, with total investment of 260 million yuan. “From April 1, we used electronic police equipment bar the demolition work, 287 sets of equipment have all been removed is completed, handed over to the traffic police detachment camera equipment, the pole have returned to the processing plant refurbishment canada goose clearance.

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