However, the state provides the licensing, which, after July 1,

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Celine Bags Replica St. Marys Hospital and Delray Community Hospital were notified this week by the Palm Beach County Health Care District that their contract for trauma care would be canceled in October.But state licensing requirements may force hospitals to back out sooner.Were probably within a week or two of pretty dramatic announcements in Palm Beach County, said Paul Cornish, medical health care program analyst for the state Emergency Medical Services in Tallahassee.Its coming down to fish or cut bait now, Cornish said.The Health Care District, under the current contract, provides the financing for each hospital.However, the state provides the licensing, which, after July 1, would require that the hospitals give six months notice before they can cease providing trauma care.Before July 1, the hospitals can withdraw their application for a state license at any time, Cornish said. After that date, the hospitals will have to provide trauma service through the end of the year, regardless of financing.Both hospitals are uncertain about whether the July 1 date will become a factor in their decision to follow through with trauma care.I have my lawyers looking into that very question right now, said Stephen Bernstein, chief executive officer of the Delray Beach hospital.Where we go from here, were just looking at all our options, he said. Celine Bags Replica

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