He might win the AL MVP award despite him not hitting 50 home

Jamie O’Hara’s fiance Elizabeth Jayne begs trolls to stop making situation with Danielle Lloyd worse: ‘Enough is enough now’Elizabeth Jayne Tierney admits she doesn’t ‘see eye to eye’ with Jamie’s exByJessica GibbMel Evans19:21, 7 OCT 2017(Image: Rex/Flynet) Get celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again Replica YSL laterInvalid EmailJamie O’Hara ‘s new fianc Elizabeth Jayne Tierney has begged trolls to stop making the situation with Danielle Lloyd worse.The 25 year old lingerie model took to Twitter to ask a troll to stop tagging her in nasty posts about Jamie’s ex wife.Criticising the mum of four for sharing pictures of her sons, the troll tweeted: “How desperately low and beyond cringe could these staged pics go?! Get a real job and keep your kids lives private. Pathetic and embarrassing (sic).”And Elizabeth Jayne replied: “Look can you please stop this. Me and her might not see eye to eye but your just making the situation worse for everyone.

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