Hawkish, the men attempt to observe all of the 3,000 ashram

But at this point I got curious about the generalist coverage this paper could have had and dug a little deeper. I ended up on the Slate website, read the article and most importantly the comment thread. Finally, among the more or less serious comments about the story (that were far from being the majority of comments), I found these:.

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canada goose outlet As it begins to pour at Amritapuri, Mata Amritanandamayi ashram in Kollam in Kerala, hundreds of people gather in an open hall. Mostly foreigners, they are dressed in white and are wearing rudraksha malas and bracelets.Unfazed by the rain, Amritanandamayi makes her way across water puddles in her white sari, and the meditation begins. The only ones who aren sitting cross legged with their erect and eyes closed are the armed men in uniform by the doorways, and the two men in safari suits next to where Amritanandamayi is seated.It has been about two months since Amritanandamayi ashram has seen category VIP security in action, after she returned from her annual international tour.Hawkish, the men attempt to observe all of the 3,000 ashram residents who frequent the salmon coloured buildings here. canada goose outlet

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