But these 22,775 are likely to only be the tip of Tumblr’s

Could Tumblr hack expose identities of men and women behind ‘extreme’ porn pages?Cyber thieves allegedly selling private details of up to 65 million people for http://www.yslreplicabags.com a shockingly cheap price and some people won’t want their secrets exposed14:45, 31 MAY 2016Updated14:55, 31 MAY 2016Hackers are selling a massive cache of data stolen from the social network Tumblr which could help to uncover the identities of people who uploaded “extreme” pornography.A total of 65.4 million email addresses and passwords are now being flogged on the dark web for the shockingly low price of Buried in this massive cache are details relating to people who published the very worst kinds of sexual films and pictures.Tumber allows people to create their own blog. But while celebs like Taylor Swift use it to stay in touch with fans, other people use their pages to share disturbing pornography.Although many of these sickos will have taken steps to protect their identity, it is possible the leaked data could be used to unmask the people who uploaded x rated content.However, this would require sophisticated detective work. The passwords have been “salted and hashed”, which means they are stored as strings of numbers rather than ordinary text.If hackers managed to crack the passwords, they are not currently linked to the names of profiles, which would make it tough to quickly search the 65 million records to see which ones warrant investigation.”Our analysis gives us no reason to believe that this information was used to access Tumblr accounts,” Yahoo told Motherboard.Troy Hunt, a tech expert who runs a website Have I Been Pwned which lets people know if they have been caught in a data breach, has obtained the leaked information.He told The Mirror that “matching identities within the Tumblr breach to nefarious sites” could be possible, but only if the hackers release more information.”You need context and something that links the identity published in the data breach to the site in question,” he wrote in an email.Read more : Dark web ‘hitmen for hire’ service EXPOSED: Inside the ‘assassination marketplace’ that’s hiding a shocking secret”The data that’s circulating now only has an email address and a password, the latter of which is cryptographically hashed [a mathematical form of protection that’s different to encryption] fashion that makes it somewhat difficult to derive the original value.”Now of course the original attacker may have exfiltrated [withdrawn] additional data which ties individual email addresses to specific Tumblr sites so it could be that identities are at risk, but not via the data that’s circulating at present.”Hackers are understood to have obtained the data in 2013, a few months before Yahoo bought up Tumblr.Yahoo launched a limited clampdown on pornography soon after buying the social network, offering users a sex free “safe mode” to help them keep smut at bay.Read more : Privacy busting facial recognition app FindFace lets cops, shops and advertisers identify ordinary people instantlyAt the time, analysts from a firm called SimilarWeb Pro claimed that 11.4% of the top 200,000 Tumblr pages featured adult content.But these 22,775 are likely to only be the tip of Tumblr’s erotic iceberg.It is not clear how many of the website’s pages are made up of “not safe for work” material, but some people have estimated up to 10% of its pages could potentially be sexual in nature.In 2013 Paul Walsh, a internet child safety expert, claimed there is “extreme porn on many Tumblr blogs”.We have contacted Yahoo, owners of Tumblr, for comment.

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