A wrongly used word might make or break a partnership

“Life of Kylie” may ultimately prove to be what its critics say it is, another vanity project to satiate the family’s unfettered narcissism, but damnit, she does offer up some mighty watchable reality TV. With the ratings for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”hitting new lows every seasonand the family’s scandals multiplying like Disick spawn, it very well could become the new KarJenner standard. As the rightful heir to Kim’s well contoured legacy, Kylie is the best chance they’ve got at continued relevancy with her undeniable charisma and if Helen of Troy had an Instagram kind of beauty..

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Replica Hermes Birkin 10 tips to proofread your written work15 Hindi words to up your cool quotient11 uses of comma you should never confuse againBonjour? Hola? Ciao? Know how to greet people in different languages15 collective nouns for groups of animals that are aptly coinedWith emails being the primary communication source between employers and employees, and business owners and clients, it is very important that you do not unknowingly use certain words that might offend the person on the other side or show you in a light which isn’t completely positive.A wrongly used word might make or break a partnership. You need to make sure your message gets across in a positive manner and elicits a positive response in return rather than stoic silence. So, we all need to brush up on our email etiquettes to stay in tune with the digital communication norms.Read: 10 basic email etiquettes you should knowHere are 15 words that you should not be using in emails along with certain replacements that you should consider:1. Replica Hermes Birkin

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